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Occasionally feel fatigue after sex

9. Nov 2012 10:06, hexiang11

Occasionally feel fatigue after sex, the development of persistent fatigue, problem-solving strategies have to be different.
Men can not quickly recover in time after ejaculation, the exclusion of potential disease problems, the most critical recovery measures to relax. After libigrow extreme ejaculation, what not to do, with 10 minutes to let the body naturally relax, not cranky, so sympathetic relaxation gradually the parasympathetic again become active. Thinking focused on the penis, always thinking "not to restore it?" So it will be more nervous recovery slower.
If the physical Allow simple to do some activities can get out of bed after sex, a bath, shower to improve local and systemic blood circulation, and to promote the elimination of fatigue with fresh stimulation and natural mood changes.
Continuing sexy to the fatigue is the most important problem is overcome obesity through exercise, weakness, hormone replacement therapy when silver sword pills necessary, and to solve arteriosclerosis and other problems.
After reading the article, you'll know why some men have sex appear tired, because they ignore some of the details, no longer appears to be after sex fatigue, we must pay attention to a few common method.

The sexual to the male body, there is a restlessness, "Private Parts" will respond positively. Its origin lies in the external stimuli induced in vivo abnormal "fire". Sometimes, this fire will lead to male ejaculation in a short period of time. To improve this situation, we should always eat bitterness, so that the body is slow excited state.