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And moderate regular sex can make prostate

7. Nov 2012 05:08, hexiang11

Abstinence is less than orgies to body harm, but also no good to the body. Because abstinence can lead to a large number of prostatic fluid accumulation in the gland bubble and gland tube, make enlarged prostate, serious when can cause perineal discomfort, weight feeling. And moderate regular sex can make prostate fluid get drainage, make tiger king pills the prostate gland swelling degree ease. Therefore, from this perspective, regular sex for chronic prostatitis rehabilitation is helpful. if masturbation frequency is too high to once a day, it can cause the male reproductive system infection, it has two reasons: first.

 the relative sense, masturbation is a kind of unclean sexual behavior. It through the cover and glans penis friction to achieve orgasm, bacteria easy invasion urethra, which eventually led to the prostatitis; Second, masturbation than normality behavior in the groin and reproductive system congestion degree more strong. So, excessive masturbation, frequent masturbation, strength masturbation, can cause prostatitis. avoid sedentary: for a long time sitting on the soft sofa, scrotal surrounded compression, cannot normal temperature adjustment, black ant king so that the testicular temperature to rise.

Testicular sperm cells born to temperature is very sensitive, the temperature is too high, it will significantly damage to testicular raw essence function, is not conducive to the formation of sperm, it will also affect fertility. Therefore, the man should not long time forever sit sofa, sit too soft sofa, it is better to spread a layer of hard cushion to improve scrotal and testicular temperature regulating blood circulation, thus protect a man's sexual and reproductive function. At ordinary times had better sit wooden bench, long distance open car in the car african black ant on the soft seat with a layer of bamboo hard cushion, prevent the bottom to sink in, as well as the prostate greater oppression.